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Arthur on California's biggest issues

Arthur is a long-time resident of the South Bay.  He’s an Educator, Taxpayer Watch Dog, Independent Investigative Journalist, and Conservative Social Activist.

As a graduate of UC Irvine and CSULB, Arthur has been a classroom teacher and has seen firsthand the rise of Union Activism with the decline of educational excellence.  Arthur knows that we need to educate our future generations, not use them as Social Justice Fodder.

Also, as a working man, he’s seen a steep decline in not only his purchasing power, but he’s seen our “One Party” Legislature constantly raising taxes, fees and regulations on all of us.

Arthur is committed to: “Make California Livable Again”.

Assembly Bill 5 authored by Lorena Gonzalez is an unmitigated disaster on our economy. AB5 wasn’t passed to protect California Workers. It was designed to punish Gig Workers and the Gig Economy. Arthur will work to repeal and replace AB5. He is committed to protecting all Californians. Arthur officially endorses Prop 22, which will allow gig workers for Uber an Lyft to work as independent contractors once again.

Over the years, the South Bay has seen a growth in density. The time has come to break the cycle of high-density housing in every corner of our District.

With this density, comes longer commute times, too many children packed into our classrooms, increased response time for public safety.

Arthur is committed to fighting bills in Sacramento designed to undermine local control and take zoning and development powers away from Local City Councils and Planning Commissions, all while Sacramento politicians are busy replacing them with faceless bureaucrats.

Residents are outraged with the increased homelessness problem that is plaguing Los Angeles County, and is now affecting the South Bay. Outside of the Torrance Main Library, two transients got into a fight, and one of them killed the other.

Arthur understands the damaging effects of lingering homelessness in communities. He supports real interventions and solutions which will help restore independence and dignity for the homeless while also ensuring protections and enhancements for everyone’s quality of life. Arthur does not support directing more taxpayer dollars to creating more housing, but rather ensuring proper mental health and treatment for those in need.

Like the cost of living, taxes are too damn high here in California. Sadly, they’ll go higher under the current “One Party” Legislature.

Any and every Bill dealing with increase of taxes, needs to come with a built in “Sunset” clause. We need to reign in taxes, not let them run wild. Arthur will fight against every tax increase and fight to keep your money in your pockets.

Arthur is staunchly opposed to the split-roll tax initiative that would gut Prop 13, i.e. Prop 15.

Arthur believes that everyone can succeed in the United States, that no one can be kept back because of their race or their ethnic background. Furthermore, he believes that no one should be prevented from success in higher education or employment because of race, ethnicity, or skin color. Sadly, Sacramento politicians wants to reintroduce discrimination by repealing Prop 209, which will allow University Admissions and Employers to take into account race and ethnicity with their selection and hiring practices.

Arthur rejects this invidious discrimination, and wants to ensure that California remains a meritocracy where all can succeed. He opposes Prop 16 on November’s ballot, too, which will officially repeal Prop 209 (passed in 1996).

Arthur recognizes that the United States is a nation of laws, and that if there is no border, then there is no country. Arthur believes that immigration is not a bad thing in itself, but individuals who want to come to the United States must come legally.

Arthur vocally opposes California’s Sanctuary State Law, and worked very hard connecting and networking with fellow activists and elected officials throughout the state to stop the implementation of this terrible law.

Arthur enjoys the support of many Angel Moms and Dads: parents whose children were murdered by illegal aliens, who were present in the country because our local and state officials refused to cooperate with federal immigration authorities. Arthur knows their pain, and does not want one more parent to suffer as they have.

Arthur wants to put the needs of Californians first, not illegal aliens. He wants California’s homeless, mentally ill, disabled, and veteran populations to get the care they need, not illegal aliens. For his efforts and commitment to immigration enforcement, Arthur has earned the endorsement of the “Stop Sanctuary State” Movement, including one of its key founders, Don Rosenberg.

Arthur believes in promoting school choice, vouchers, and encouraging competition among school districts. He also supports the previous GOP assemblyman’s bill AB 803, which would allow local communities of an interest an easier path and process to form their own school districts out of larger districts for more local control and accountability.

He wants to empower individual teachers and parents, not union leaders and bureaucrats, so that the most money and the best teaching helps the student to succeed and thrive in the future.

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  • Hermosa Beach
  • Lomita
  • Los Angeles
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  • Manhattan Beach
  • Palos Verdes Estates
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  • Redondo Beach
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Arthur on California's biggest issues

Prop. 14: VOTE NO

We passed this years ago—lots of politics, little science. NO MORE BONDS.

Prop. 15: VOTE NO

This proposition would kill California jobs, economy and force business out of the State.

Prop. 16: VOTE NO

This CREATES discrimination in the enrollment of students — demeaning people of color.

Prop. 17: VOTE NO

This proposition is wrong. Parolees must finish their sentence before voting.

Prop. 18: VOTE NO

This proposition allows kids to vote BEFORE they are 18 – unconstitutional. Stop with the “Participation Medal” mentality.

Prop. 19: VOTE NO

Howard Jarvis Taxpayer Association urges a NO vote and I agree.

Prop. 20: VOTE YES

Rolls back some of the previously passed pro-criminal measures. Good, not great.

Prop. 21: VOTE NO

Another attempt at government rent control — which creates slum housing.

Prop. 22: VOTE YES

Repeals a portion of AB 5 — this proposition protects gig workers and independent contractors. It’s a great start to dismantling AB5.

Prop. 23: VOTE NO

We defeated this union-backed, special-interest proposition in 2018.

Prop. 24: VOTE NO

This proposition creates yet another government agency to harass the public —we already have privacy laws.

Prop. 25: VOTE NO

Reinstates cash bail before most criminals can leave a jail and protects the community. (This is a referendum, and a yes vote keeps the current, no-cash-bail system. VOTE NO to return cash bail.

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